Tutorial by Dragan Espenschied. Detailed tutorial from the developer.

Webrecorder in an online service with free registration. It will record websites as the users browses them (anything you click on), and is especially intended to capture “dynamic web content” such as embedded video, javascripts, social media feeds, etc.

Autopilot is an experimental feature on Webrecorder allowing autoscroll of the present session page. If one is logged into a social software account in the Webrecorder session, the function attempts to scroll down and open comments.

A user account has a 5 GB data capacity. Recorded data can be downloaded (thus freeing space for new recordings)and also updated with additional browsing.

Downloaded recordings are in the WARC file format, and can be replayed with the dedicated Webrecorder Desktop App available for Windows, OS X or Linux. (Download directly from front page of Webrecorder website).

Service: https://webrecorder.io/

Contact: Niels Brügger; nb (at) cc.au.dk

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