In order to get an idea about what archived web is, and what the benefits (and some of the challenges) about archived web are, five major issues are central.

The article will present short introductions to each of them, but a general overview may be the first and final “sixth” issue:

1) What archived web means, and how and why web archives are created (see “Background and Explanation”).

2) The “big data” character of the web, and thus also of archived web (see “Abundance”).

3) That data cannot be complete (in web archives or anywhere else), and that archived web data differ from other types of archived media (see “Completeness and Authenticity”).

4) Searching in web archives may look like, but is significantly different from, searching the live web with online search engines (see “Searching a Web Archive”).

5) Types of use and research possibilities with archived web (see “Use and Perspectives”).