Cookies Policy

When you access NetLab’s website we will store small pieces of data in so-called cookies on your device.

We do this in order to identify your session (using a session cookie); and partly in order for NetLab to learn how much the website’s individual pages are accessed. In addition, some embedded content on the website, e.g. tweets from our Twitter account, introduces third party cookies that are used for statistics and content delivery optimisation.

NetLab makes no other use of the information in the cookies set in your device from and the information cannot be used to identify you in person.

By accessing NetLab’s website you consent to it’s cookies usage as described above. You can retract this consent at any time, i.e. by deleting the site’s cookies using your browser’s user interface.

Also, you can simply switch off the use of any cookies in your browser; but if you do, NetLab will not be able to guarantee the full functionality of the site.

Visiting is worthwhile if you want to learn more about cookies in general.