Mission Statement

NetLab is a research infrastructure project for the study of internet materials within the national Danish Digital Humanities Lab (DigHumLab).

The aim of NetLab is to:

  1. Initiate and conduct a number of research-driven projects to contribute to the establishment, test and development of a research infrastructure for the study of online as well as archived internet materials. The projects will be defined by relevant research questions within the humanities and the social sciences. In addition, emphasis is placed on continuous critical discussion of the research infrastructure, on methodical pluralism, and on publication of the results in internationally recognized academic journals.
  2. Develop a workspace (e.g., for searching and visualization) and build the relevant skills for using software-supported methods.
  3. Monitor the broad array of existing analytical software with a view to identifying, testing, adjusting, and/or possibly developing a limited set of software tools which can be used for a broad range of different analytical purposes.
  4. Describe and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Danish internet archive Netarkivet as part of a research infrastructure, and evaluate the archiving strategies employed. Efforts will be made to broaden the access to the archive.
  5. Examine and facilitate the interplay with research infrastructures related to other media types (digitized print media, radio, and television).
  6. Make the research infrastructure available to scholars from other disciplines and test its use within other disciplines to the extent possible.
  7. Participate in networks with relevant research infrastructures with a view to exchanging experiences and knowledge and possibly establishing future collaborations.
  8. Develop and implement courses and educational training to broaden the knowledge and use of the infrastructure as well as to support the recruitment of PhD students and student use of the infrastructure and the materials in Netarkivet.
  9. Communicate knowledge about the research infrastructure to a wider public.
  10. Ensure the long-term continuation of the research infrastructure after 2016.

A Danish version of our Mission Statement can be found here.