Meghan Dougherty


PhD, Assistant Professor of Digital Communication at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication

Meghan Dougherty studies the preservation of Web cultural heritage, research methods for Web history, and Web archiving as an emerging cyber-infrastructure for e-research. Dougherty has participated in a number of Web archiving projects for including the September 11 Web Archive and The Election Web Archives at the Library of Congress. She also built Wayfinder, a personalizable research interface for web archives, as an addition to the Webarchivist suite of research tools. Meghan Dougherty visited the Center for Internet Studies and NetLab in April-June 2014. During her visit she worked on a project titled: Virtual Digs: Excavating, Preserving, and Archiving the Web. The project was concerned with studying how researchers engage with web archives and digital research infrastructure. For a full description of her project, please see Virtual Digs: Excavating, Preserving, and Archiving the Web in our Projects section.