IIPC – International Internet preservation consortium

In July 2003, the IIPC was formally chartered at the National Library of France with 12 participating institution.

IIPC Members are organizations from over 45 countries, including national, university and regional libraries and archives.

The mission of the IIPC is to acquire, preserve and make accessible knowledge and information from the Internet for future generations everywhere, promoting global exchange and international relations. To achieve its mission, the IIPC is working to accomplish the following goals:

  • To enable the collection of a rich body of Internet content from around the world to be preserved in a way that it can be archived, secured and accessed over time.
  • To foster the development and use of common tools, techniques and standards that enable the creation of international archives.
  • To encourage and support national libraries, archives and research organisations everywhere to address Internet archiving and preservation.

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