Short Visits

The following guests have visited NetLab in the past. All of them have given presentations at NetLab Forum or at special events hosted by NetLab, and some have had extended research stays.

From outside Denmark
Anat Ben-David, The Open University of Israel (2018)
Richard Rogers, University of Amsterdam (2017)
Jane Winters, University of London (2017)
Mathieu Jacomy, SciencesPo, Medialab (2016)
Ian Milligan, University of Waterloo, Canada (2015)
Federico Nanni, University of Bologna (2014)

From Denmark
Line Høgstrup Slemming, The Royal Danish Library (2017)
Søren Vigild Poulsen, University of Southern Denmark (2017)
Per Møldrup-Dalum, The State Library (2016)
Caroline Nyvang, The Royal Danish Library (2016)
Henrik Smith-Sivertsen, The Royal Danish Library (2015)
Sebastian Svegaard, The Royal Danish Library (2014)
Per Møldrup-Dalum, The State Library (2014)
Henrik Smith-Sivertsen and Lisbet Crone, The Royal Danish Library (2014)
Aske Kammer, University of Copenhagen (2013)
Ditte Laursen, The State Library (2013)
Kjetil Sandvik, University of Copenhagen (2013)