Janne Nielsen



Janne Nielsen’s profile at Aarhus University

Janne Nielsen is Assistant Professor at NetLab and board member of the Centre for Internet Studies at Aarhus University.

Her research interests include media history, cross media, web historiography, and web archiving. In DIGHUMLAB she participates in both the research infrastructure for the study of internet materials, NetLab, and the research infrastructure for the study of audio and visual materials. She is currently working on a project with Niels Brügger and others about the history of the Danish web and the ways to study the web historically. She is also very interested in the new possibilities and challenges when working with and across digital archives, including web archives. Together with Niels Brügger and Ulrich Karstoft Have, she organises and runs NetLab’s workshops about web archiving for scholars, and she has written the course material Using Web Archives in Research – an Introduction.