Digital Connectivity in the Danish Public Sector

Purpose: To carry out the project, we would need developer support in three steps. The first step would be in creating the corpus of websites for investigating both research questions. The second step concerns the link analysis (research question
1) and the last step regards the named entity analysis to respond to research question 2). We would need developer support for all three steps.

As appears from the project description, there is no fixed succession of the two research questions, as they are not related as such. We would like to apply for support of both studies, but it is also possible to carry out data collection and analysis for just one of the two research questions.

We would like to start the data analysis in November 2018 or later. It can be carried out as one consecutive period or with intervals. We have asked for 8 weeks support above, but possibly less will be sufficient.  

Support Type: Project

Description: The purpose of this project is to investigate how Danish government administrations are connected by links between their websites. The project focuses on the characteristics of the relations and aims to characterize these in terms of whether they are organizational, topical, hierarchical, or the like. We base the analysis on current and historical data by collecting data with five year intervals. The purpose is to understand, how the links have changed over time. The project concerns municipalities, ministries, regions, government agencies, and when possible also subsites to these administrations, e.g. subgovernments to large municipalities.

Support period: Autumn 2018 – Spring 2022

Project Team:

Tanja Svarre, Associate Professor
Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University