Making Justice : Affect, Community and Trauma in the Trials of Crimes Against Humanity in Argentina, a case study in Transitional Justice

Purpose: The project examines the ongoing trials of crimes against humanity in Argentina, it explores the meaning of justice and the impact the decade and a half long trials have had on members of the courts as well as victims and their relatives.

Support Type: Project

Description: The archival support will allow me to scrape the web and archive video and audio material as well as text materials related to the project. The purpose is to create a structure that will allow me to continue collecting material from the Web as well as catalogue and run thematic searchers on this material.

The central support provided is the building of a structured set of methods and infrastructure for scraping, sifting through and running searches on materials collected from the Web. The material includes YouTube videos, Argentine official websites where much of the archival material for my research is stored as well as the many videos of the trials that were recorded and uploaded during the pandemic. Many of the processes I study have moved online during the pandemic creating a large archive that can be easily and freely used for research.

Support period: Spring 2022

Project Team:

Noa Vaisman, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University