The Nordic Model in the Global Circulation of Ideas, 1970-2020

Purpose: The project explores the concept of a Nordic model in Danish political and media discourse through a mapping and analysis of the archived web. The project requires an IT developer who can assist with the scoping, organisation, and running of key term search in the archived web, and who can streamline the results to facilitate their quantification, analysis, and mapping by source, immediate context, and period.

Support Type: Feasibility

Description: By gaining an overview of when, where, and why the Nordic model concept has been employed online, we hope to explore the circumstances and catalysts within which the concept’s meanings and usages have been contested or changed over time. These uses of the concept—whether positive or critical, popular or professional—will further shed light on how political and cultural concepts are disseminated across and within certain communities and mediums.

Our work with an IT developer will provide critical skills and experiences for carrying out similar research in other online environments. The aim is 1) to map and quantify the usage of the Nordic model on the Danish web; 2) through this process, to define areas where we wish to carry out more in depth investigations in the future, including collection and analysis of digital and non-digital historical sources.

Relevant materials for the project will be drawn from the Danish archived web in Netarkivet and will focus on academic, political, and media debates about the Nordic model. We will begin with very broad searches designed to identify which sources are the most relevant for this project and for further investigations in different contexts. Potential sources to be targeted include domains belonging to government departments, parliamentary debates, domains belonging to relevant non-governmental organisations such as political parties, domains belonging to news media organisations, and online communication outlets such as blogs, videos, and podcasts. We will reassess the incorporation and feasibility of these and other sources following the conclusion of the pilot searches.

Support period: Autumn 2019

Project Team:

Principal investigator: Mary Hilson, Professor, Department of History, Aarhus University

Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, Postdoc, Department of History, Aarhus University

Byron Z. Rom-Jensen, Postdoc, Department of History, Aarhus University