Cross Media Production and Communication

Cross Media Production and Communication
Interplay between real-time internet and live television in the Danish talent programme Voice (Tv2 and

Purpose: The aim of this project was to investigate the interplay between television and the internet in an innovative media production, in order to create knowledge about cross media productions and forms of communication, and to develop methods for the collection of data. In particular there was a focus on the ‘here-and-now’ (live) interplay between internet and television-broadcasts, increasingly seen in new entertainment programme formats.

This aim was realised through a theory-driven empirical investigation based on the final of the talent programme Voice (Tv2 and, December 2012). The final consists of two television-broadcasts and ‘live’ (streamed) internet before, between and after the two broadcasts, as well as during the broadcasts.

In empirical terms, the project team investigated how the transition from live internet to television and back again was produced as a continuous communication sequence, including how this sequence was transformed in the transit and adapted to the two different media’s affordances.

In theoretical terms, the project conceptualised the particular form of cross media communication that arises when a product in one media is translated and incorporated into another media, and when different media play different roles within a collective media expression, together and in real-time.

Finally, a method was developed for the archiving of live internet material, intended for subsequent use by for the benefit of other researchers.

The project was supported by the research fund of the Ministry of Culture.

Project team:
Ditte Laursen, Senior Researcher, Netarkivet/The State and University Library, Aarhus
Kjetil Sandvik, associate professor, University of Copenhagen
in collaboration with Niels Brügger, Professor, Head of the Centre for Internet Studies and of NetLab/DigHumLab, Aarhus University

Software: A screen recorder that can be scheduled to automatically visit specified addresses and make screen recordings. Danish documentation here.