Danish Internet Favourites 2009

Danish Internet Favorites, 2009

Purpose: Taking as a point of departure a survey from 2009 about the Danes’ use of the web the aim of this project was to test how many of the Danes’ favorite websites from 2009 it was possible to find in the national Danish web archive Netarkivet.

In a previous research project funded by the Research Foundation for Culture and Communication a nationwide survey among Danish internet users was conducted (see www.changingborders.au.dk)

Among other things the respondents were asked to mention up to 5 of their favourite websites.

The results showed that 50 most visited sites represent all together less than 5 % of the sites used. The internet is not simply a mass medium, it is also a medium for highly diversified individual usages. One cannot measure the importance of the internet by considering only the most visited sites. It stretches into many more dimensions of peoples personal life than any other medium.

We now know the patterns of favourite sites in Denmark in 2009. But nobody today is able to identify what was found on these sites in 2009. There is only one place to find that information and that’s the net archive.

The project searched the archive with a list of URLs created out of the survey results. There were three main purposes:

The primary purpose was to validate the archive: Could the content on these pages from June 2009 actually be found? All of it? Or rather, what would be missing?

Secondly, the themes occupying people was analyzed, based on typical favorite profiles and by looking at the various constellations of favourite sites as defined by our respondents.

Thirdly, the project laid out suggested specifications of a research infrastructure for internet studies.

Project Team:
Niels Ole Finnemann, Professor, Royal School of Library and Information Science
Ulrich Have, IT-Architect, NetLab/DigHumLab, Aarhus University