Digital Footprints

Digital Footprints

Purpose: Digital Footprints aims at establishing an easy to use software system to collect and analyse content on Facebook.

A lot of the data on Facebook, such as wall posts, news feeds, friend lists, interests etc., is fenced off from the outside world and are only accessible by the owner and the owner’s Facebook friends. This has made it nearly impossible to analyze what is going on inside Facebook in terms of data (structures).

Digital Footprints Analytics ( is a newly developed system to help collect and analyze Facebook user data supported by Digital Humanities Lab. Digital Footprints is a research group at Aarhus University, Denmark interested in the data that users share, expose or trade when communicating through the internet.

The group is lead by Assistant Professor Anja Bechmann and lead-programmer Peter Vahlstrup.

Project website:

Project Team:
Anja Bechmann, Associate Professor, Aarhus University
Peter Vahlstrup, Programmer, Aarhus University

Software: Digital Footprints