NetLab IT Proficiency Test

NetLab’s IT Proficiency Test is aimed primarily at researchers as an advisory help for determining whether their computer skills match the scope and complexity of projects involving archived web content.

About the Test

OECD research in 2015 has shown that only 7 percent of computer users in Denmark (and similar numbers with small variations for other OECD countries) are highly skilled in computer use, when the skill levels are measured as ability to handle numbers of operators and operations.

Skill level distribution in Danish computer users (after OECD, 2015. 11% of the populace which cannot use computers are omitted.)

It is advised to take the test with the understanding that very few people actually have a high IT proficiency, and that you may therefore get feedback that suggests you are less skilled with computers than you would estimate.

A more detailed introduction to the test and the underlying design may be found here: NetLab IT Proficiency Test General Background.

Taking the IT proficiency test will result in a feedback page including advice on how to proceed with projects of varying complexity levels. There are uncertainties with any kind of testing criteria, wherefore the result of any test taken must be understood as purely advisory, and hopefully inspirational.

Test input will be kept for research purposes in accordance with GDPR. The conditions are presented in detail before starting the test. If not acceptable, you may simply omit proceeding to the test.

Important: The test should be taken on a computer, not a portable device. Ideally it should be taken on the same computer you would be using for the primary work with a planned project.

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