Tools and Tutorials

This section presents software for web archiving. This is also the software we use in the workshops we offer. Our list is maintained on an ongoing basis, and is neither final, nor does it necessarily contain the best solutions for any given purpose. (We are always interested to hear about other recommendable solutions). The list includes third party that are tried and tested.

If you want to learn more about web archiving, or if you are looking for applications to suit special needs we also recommend visiting the Awesome Web Archiving page on GitHub.

NetLab has no liability for third party programs, and requests for technical support should be directed at the developers’ respective support pages or services. We do however welcome notification of any issues with the software to info(at)

Mozilla Firefox browser is recommended for useful plugins as well as built-in tools.

Different needs call for different applications, or combinations of applications:

HTTrack (Can automatically save entire websites as HTML. Vulnerable to scripts and loops)
Conifer (Can save entire websites, but only captures what is specifically activated either manually or using an autopilot function. Data-heavy. Results can be downloaded and replayed in dedicated application)
Save page now (Archive a webpage directly in The Internet Archive as an immediate copy and a more stable reference

SnagIt (Screen recording, screenshots with optional scroll of entire page)
Quicktime (Screen recording on Mac)
Apple Devices Screen Recording (Screen recording in Apple Mobile devices)
DU Recorder for Android (Screen recording in Android Mobile devices)
Google Chrome (Can save web pages as PDF files with good preservation of visual content and links)
Mozilla Firefox browser (Built-in screenshot function, supports manual scrolling)
WebSnapperPro (Mac application, can save web pages as PDF files with good preservation of visual content and links)
Paparazzi (Mac application for screenshots, supports scrolling webpages)
Stillio (Subscription service for screenshots, supports scrolling webpages)

SnagIt (can record streaming video)
Quicktime (can record streaming video)
Video Downloadhelper (Firefox plugin, can save most embedded video files)
Soundtap (record sound playing on the computer, such as live streams form radio)
VideoboxPro (Mac application, can save most embedded video files)

Hyperlink extraction (Article on tools from Digital Methods Initiative)
Screaming Frog SEO (Can extract (scrape) hyperlinks from a list of web page URLs)

Twitter Archiver (Archive data from a Twitter account)
Twitter Capture (Search old posts and other advice)
Conifer (Can record most social software sessions if logged in)
Facepager (Extract data from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon)
Facepager for Facebook Commentaries (Tutorial guide for Facebook via Facepager)
YouTube Data Tools (Extract data for YouTube channels and videos)

Stillio (Subscription service for screenshots, supports scrolling webpages)
Visualping (Subscription service monitoring web pages for changes and alerting the subscriber)