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Tutorial by developer (Webmaster Tools).

A1 Website Download is a web crawler which can save a browsable copy of a website locally, similar to HTTrack. It differs from HTTrack in being a newer and commercial software with more options.

With more options the userface is also more complex, but in most cases the default settings will provide satisfactory copies of the websites one wishes to preserve. The developer offers a large support section as well as video tutorials for different deeds and purposes.

A1 Website Download can download websites significantly faster than HTTrack, wherefore it is especially relevant for preservation of large websites or websites that are updated (changed) frequently.

A free version with some limitations to functionality is available.

The price for the full licensed version is $39.

Special Offer for Employees and Students under DIGHUMLAB

Microsys offers a free full license for A1 Website Download for researchers and students that use NetLab as a research infrastructure, and are covered by the DIGHUMLAB collaboration (explained in the last paragraph on this page).

Microsys also offers a researcher or student discount of 50% for the analytical tools in the A1 Webmaster and SEO Tools Suite (linker til suiten). The discount is applicable on the same conditions as the free license for A1 Website Download:

In order to get the free A1 Website Download license, or the discount for the additional applications, you must contact Microsys directly, and ask for the free A1 Website Download license. If relevant you can also specify other modules that you would like to purchase with the NetLab/DIGHUMLAB discount. Your request must include proof that you are either an employee or student at one of the humanities faculties at Aarhus University, Aalborg University, University of Southern Denmark, University of Copenhagen, or The Royal Library of Denmark. The proof may be a student or employee ID, or a link to your employee webpage at the institution in question.

Service: https://www.microsystools.com/products/website-download/

Contact: Niels Brügger; nb (at) cc.au.dk

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