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Webrecorder is an independent open-source project which was formerly connected directly to the Conifer service. The ReplayWeb.page tool from webrecorder is still suitable for handling/replaying downloaded web archives (“recordings”) from Conifer, and the special autopilot function is also used on Conifer.

Webrecorder offers two specialised tools which while similar to functions on Conifer, are notable because they can run directly on one’s own computer (client side instead of service side). If one needs to preserve social media such as Twitter, YouTube or Instagram (Facebook partially supported) this is the safest way to get results, because the traffic is direct, just as if you were using a regular browser. (Using Conifer may cause the APIs of the social software providers to sense “strange traffic” and/or create a clock against the service in use if too many posts are requested.)

In the same manner, while the Webrecorder tool ArciveWeb.page can run as an add-on for the Google Chrome browser, the dedicated app can run without conflicts which may occur from other add-ons in the Chrome browser.

For these reasons, focus is on the applications in this article.

The specialised applications are:
ReplayWeb.page and ArchiveWeb.page

Their installers may be fetched at: https://webrecorder.net/tools

ArchiveWeb.page installation
If going to the download page for ArchiveWeb.page in a different browser than Chrome (or other browsers using the Chromium engine, e.g. Brave or Edge) you will get a notification saying that the browser extension requires Chrome or similar to work. If visiting the page with Chrome (or other Chromium based browsers) you will get the offer of adding the Chrome extension to Chrome. You may choose to do so or not.

In either case it is recommended to get the application from the download link under the browser extension message. The download link will send you to a GitHub page. If your are a Windows user you will need to click the .exe file listed; if you are a Mac user you need the .dmg file. These files work as installers; simply proceed with downloading and installing them.

ReplayWeb.page installation guide
ReplayWeb.page can be used as an online service, but a purely offline application is also available in the documentation links provided at the top right. From here you can once again go to a GitHub page and download the application installer as an .exe (for Windows) or a .dmg (for Mac) file.

Once installed you will be able to use the ReplayWeb.page app to locally “replay” content that you have previously downloaded as .wacz or .warc files.

If using the autopilot function in ArchiveWeb.page for archiving social software, it is advised to refer to the autopilot page and notably the most recent list of autopilot behaviours.

It is also strongly recommended to make note of – and if necessary refer to – the extensive user guide offered for ReplayWeb.page from the main download page. Here you will find detailed installation and usage instructions as well as troubleshooting advise.

Service provider: https://webrecorder.net/

Contact: Niels Brügger; nb (at) cc.au.dk

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