Introduction to Web Archiving for Teachers and Classes

NetLab offers a short introduction course to the field of web archiving to bachelor and masters courses.

Our introduction is designed to enhance student awareness of the need for preserving web content for study and research purposes, some of the possibilities with web content, and of course also of useful tools for these purposes.

The service is offered to teachers in the DIGHUMLAB partner institutions (The Royal Danish Library, and the faculties of the Humanities at the four universities: University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, University of Southern Denmark).

We offer two versions, a physical guest lecture of two hours (one double lesson), and a slightly extended online version.

The online introduction course consists of:
1) A live Zoom presentation of approximately two hours including time for questions (2 hours),
2) A week with student assignments in a shared online learning forum (3-5 hours), and
3) A week with feedback from the course teachers and a wrap-up discussion in the online forum (1-2 hours).

It is up to the class teacher to decide the frames of “satisfactory participation” and how the course may count in respect of the discipline/course where the introduction will be held. The class teacher also has the responsibility for following up if one or more students fail to participate as needed.

NetLab will negotiate the course content with the teacher, and attempt to include examples and technologies relevant to the discipline.

If you are interested in having a guest lecture or an online introduction arranged for your class, please contact us using: info [at]