Terms of Service

NetLab is a Danish national research infrastructure offering services to researchers in the humanities and social sciences who want to include web content in their research. NetLab is part of the national Danish research infrastructure DIGHUMLAB.

The website netlab.dk, including books and articles on the website, may be used by as Open Educational Resources under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercialShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Free Admission for Researchers, PhD Students, and Librarians from DIGHUMLAB partner institutions

NetLab’s Workshops, PhD Workshops, and Online Course in Web Archives and Web Archiving are free for researchers, PhD students, and librarians in the DIGHUMLAB partner institutions in accordance with the terms of service described below.

The Royal Danish Library, and the faculties of the Humanities at the four universities:

University of Copenhagen,

Aarhus University,

Aalborg University,

University of Southern Denmark.

In some cases, provided that the research in question lies within the disciplines of the Humanities or Social Sciences, admission may also be allowed for researchers from other faculties at the partner universities. Please contact the head of NetLab, Professor Niels Brügger for clearance in this case.

NetLab Workshops: At least six participants must be signed up before a workshop will be arranged. The maximum number of participants for a NetLab Workshop is 15.

NetLab PhD Workshops take place at Aarhus University at the start of each semester (January and August). The PhD Workshops are also open to researchers and librarians.

The minimum participant number is four, and if this number is not met, a Workshop may be called off. The maximum number of participants is 15.

A PhD Workshop counts as a 1 ECTS PhD course and a course certificate will be issued after attending.

NetLab’s Online Course in Web Archives and Web Archiving is arranged upon demand and as our capacity allows, for a minimum of two and a maximum of four participants – or up to six if some of the participants work in teams.

Participants may join in teams working of the same project or problem. Teams may not be larger than three persons, and the recommended number is two.

The Online Course counts as a 3 ETCS PhD course, and a course certificate will be issued to participants upon completion.

Fair use

If you have signed up for a free workshop or course under the DIGHUMLAB initiative and your priorities change so that you will no longer be participating, you must provide at least two weeks notice in order to give us a fair chance to offer your seat to others.

If you are physically prevented from attending less than two weeks before the event, you must contact us immediately.

NetLab services are offered “as our capacity allows”, and we thus reserve the right to reject free admission to our courses and workshops for persons who have already been signed up and failed to attend without providing fair notice.


Admittance to NetLab’s workshops are available as paid services to persons and institutions that are not partners in the DIGHUMLAB initiative. The prices and terms for this may be found here: NetLab Workshops Price List.